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Three Little Frogs

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Hari Minggu tanggal 29. Mai yang lalu, ada pertunjukan drama di Gereja tentang tiga katak kecil. Pertunjukan tersebut dimainkan oleh Hezki, Josepht dan Michael. Abigail mendapat bagian membacakan narasi drama tersebut dan beginilah narasi nya:

Three Litte Frogs (by Eliz Lo ?)

Today’s thought of the day is about encouragement. Let us sit back, relax, and enjoy the show … Shall we?

3 little frogs jumped up and play in the forest. Suddenly 1 of them fell into a deep well.
The well is so deep that the frog cannot make it out.

Instead of encouraging and helping their friend, the other two frogs
tell him to give up and Stop trying. But he jumped even harder and finally made it out.

The two frogs wondered how he could get out. Actually, the frog was deaf.
He could not hear anything. He thought that his friends were cheering him up to jump harder.

The moral of the story is hat we shouldn’t listen to the negative things around us and give up easily.

And that’s the end of the story.
Thank you.

Dasar Kodok, kalau kita manusia pasti akan support teman kita yang membutuhkan … ATAU ???

Gak ada fotos kali ini :(


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  1. ga ada foto krn ini agnes yg tulis ya? Hahahaha


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